We offer 8 different size storage units ranging from 5’ x 5’ = 25 square Feet to 10’ x 20’ =200 square Feet for you to choose from.  With the eight different sizes we offer, rather than just quoting prices, we believe that it is in the best for potential tenants to come into the facility to get a better understanding of the options for the following reasons:


  • Since all of our units have 8 foot ceilings it depends on how high you want to stack your goods. Please keep in mind that items tend to get crushed unless they are in sturdy boxes or shelving units are used.
  • How cumbersome your belongings are. In other words, are they stackable or not?
  • Do you need a specific dimension to accommodate a particular item being stored? Sofa, mattress hutch etc.?
  • Are you are using our facility as inactive storage (not coming to contents frequently) you will probably not need an isle way in unit to provide easy access to your belongings.
  • How long you will be storing your goods. The reason I ask this is because if it for longer term storage, you might want to consider buying shelving to maximize the cubic footage rather than just square footage.
  • Will you be going to the unit frequently? If so, will you be needing an isle way in unit to conveniently access belongings?


For these reasons we always give approximate size ranges and encourage customers to come to the facility to look for themselves.  In addition we want you to see if we fit your requirements relating to security, available gate hours, and customer service.


Regarding security:
  • We offer video surveillance on the grounds 24 hours a day.
  • We have a night security person on the grounds.
  • Like all other storage facilities, we do not guarantee the contents of people’s storage. Again, like other storage facilities we offer a supplemental insurance provided by a third party named Mini Co.  To be honest with you, we encourage tenants to check into their options first prior to purchasing third party vendor insurance companies.  You options could be either homeowners or renters insurance (make sure to notify your insurance agent that you would like coverage for offsite storage) typically they offer better insurance coverage at less cost.

Storage Security Details