Tips for Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit

It’s entirely possible to end up with some belongings that just aren’t needed at the moment, but that a person might not want to get rid of. It’s also possible for a person to need to store most of their belongings for a while when they’re searching for a new home and need to rent a small apartment until they find the right place. No matter what a person’s reasoning is, when they need to rent a self storage unit, they’re going to want to make sure they rent the right size unit so they don’t waste money on renting one that’s too big for their needs.

Consider What Needs to Be Stored

The first thing a person will need to do is consider what needs to be stored. If they’re only storing a few boxes, they’re not going to need a large storage unit. If they’re storing an entire household worth of belongings, including large furniture, they’re going to need to rent a larger unit. Often, the self storage management staff can help a person determine the right size based on the number of rooms worth of belongings the person will be storing in the unit.

Look at Online Storage Guides

If a person isn’t storing a whole room or multiple rooms worth of belongings, they can check out online guides to help them choose the right unit. These guides typically have examples of storage units and how much can fit in them. The person will want to think about everything they want to store and then look through the guides to find out what’s suggested based on their needs.

Think About Access to the Unit

Typically our staff will recommend a larger unit to a person who needs to access it frequently compared to a person that might not need to access it at all, even if both are storing the same amount of belongings. The reasoning for this is that someone who is going to need to access the items in storage will want to have a little bit of extra room so they can make paths between their boxes and easily get to just about any box, even if it’s in the back of the unit.

Remember the Space Goes Up

It’s important for people to remember that the storage units have eight foot ceiling heights, so it’s going to be possible to stack the boxes high. THINK CUBIC FOOTAGE NOT SQUARE FOOTAGE! This means that there is less room needed for furniture like sofas than what was needed in the home as the sofa can be stored on its side. The boxes can be stored higher as well, provided that they’re well packed and the person is careful to put lighter boxes at the top and heavier boxes at the bottom to avoid damage to their belongings or injuries if a box falls when they’re moving it.

Check Out Potential Units

The above tips can help a person get a good idea of the size they need, but nothing is better than actually seeing the storage unit in person. Our staff can take you to see a few different size units so the person can visualize just how much space there is and how they’re going to fit in all of their belongings.

Choosing the right storage space doesn’t need to be hard, but the person will want to put some thought into it so they don’t end up renting a unit that’s much larger than what they actually need. If they have any questions about the unit sizes or what size unit would be better for them, they can always talk to the storage management staff. Taking the time to do this can ensure they’re going to spend as little as possible on their storage unit each month.