Why Is Rob Roy Storage Useful To Small Businesses?

What kind of small business do you run? The type of business you own makes a difference in the type of storage you need. If you generate a ton of paperwork you are obligated to retain, you need ample space to store said paperwork. If you operate a retail business, space to store off-season items or recent shipments would be helpful. If you run a service business, your equipment and supplies need to be stored somewhere. No matter what type of industry you are in, you are going to have items that you simply can’t accommodate in your current space. Rob Roy Storage in Aptos  California, can be useful to small businesses just for this reason.

What are your Storage Options?

If you need additional storage for your business you have a couple of options. You can expand your space by adding on to your office. You can rent warehouse storage space paying a triple net lease or you can just run your co-workers out of the building with all your stuff. Try to refrain from the latter. Renting commercial space can be expensive and expanding your business space just for storage is not a wise move. However, renting a self storage unit is inexpensive and smart. Simply rent the storage unit size you need, organize it as you please and move unused items and excess merchandise out of your work space.

How you can Use Self Storage for your Business

When you start using self storage for your business you open up the potential for new possibilities. You can add more merchandise to your inventory that you previously did not buy because of space restraints. If you open up business space when you move storage, you may hire new staff or expand your business in other ways. These are just a couple of ways business self storage can be useful for your company.

What can you Store in Self Storage?

If you can name it, you can likely put it into business self storage. Here is a list of several business items you can store:

  • Office furniture
  • Sales representative displays
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Overstock merchandise
  • Archival documents
  • Office equipment
  • Office supplies

As long as it is not flammable, explosive or illegal, there is a good chance you can store it in a self storage unit.  For more information on items allowed to be stored, please refer to our restricted storage addendum.

Where Can You Find Business Self Storage?

When selecting a self storage facility for your business storage needs, look for a facility that is affordable, convenient and secure. You want a variety of units to choose from as well. Rob Roy Storage is not only cost-effective and secure, it also offers an array of storage unit sizes and types.  For more information, please call our professional storage team today to find out how self storage can benefit your small business.